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Peruvian Sandwiches
Our Artisan Breads are organically made locally and exclusively for Sanguchon.
All sandwiches are served on French Rolls

Pan con Chicharron $9
Pork loin sliced, fried yams, marinated onions in lime juice & cream de rocoto
Barbacoa $9
Pulled Pork BBQ — Inka-Cola sauce, potato chips, coleslaw & aji rocoto sweet sauce *Also Available in Wrap
Lomo Saltado $9
Stir fried NY strip sirloin with tomato, onion, cilantro and soy sauce. Topped with french fries and crem de rocoto *Add fried egg $1 / *Also Available in Wrap
Camarones Crocantes $11 *House Specialty*
Crispy jumbo prawns, lettuce, tomato, topped with fries, salsa criolla, and aioli
*Add side of Sweet Potato Fries $2


COMBO SPECIAL Sandwich + Side + Drink $12
Lomo Saltado
Pan con Chicharron
Sweet Potatoes Fries

Peruvian Wraps
Pollito al Mani $9
Free range chicken thigh, slow cooked in peanut sauce, jasmine rice & salsa criolla
Vegetales al Curry $8
Oven roasted veggies, curry sauce, jasmine rice & salsa criolla

Yucca Fries $5
Crispy Yucca fries & huancaina dip (Peruvian Aji amarillo-feta cheese sauce )
Sweet Potato Fries $4
With sweet aji rocoto dip
Platano Frito $3
Fried plantain with chicha sauce & salsa fusion
Alfajores $5
Peruvian cookies filled with dulce de leche (made in-house).

Maracuya $2 (Passion fruit punch)
Inka-Cola $2 (Peruvian Soda)
Coca-Cola $2
Diet Coke $2
Sprite $2
Coconut Juice $2
Water $1